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Is it a cookiecake? Is it a cupcookie? We’re undecided, but either way, it’s 100% irresistible. Pour yourself a cold glass of milk and get ready for chunks of Oreo cookies swirled through smooth vanilla frosting and rich chocolate sponge with cookie chunks baked in. Far too delicious to dunk...

Contains: Cereals/Gluten, Eggs, Milk, Soya

Cookies & Cream Cupcakes Recipes

You can find a similar recipe for Cookies & Cream Cupcakes in our cookbook:

Home Sweet Home


What makes the perfect cupcake? High-quality natural ingredients and no preservatives go into our freshly baked sponges, which we lovingly hand bake and decorate from scratch each day. It’s home baking done The Hummingbird Bakery way.



Unsalted Butter
Plain Flour
Caster Sugar
Baking Powder
Cocoa Powder
Oreo Cookies


Unsalted Butter
Icing Sugar
Whole Milk
Oreo Cookies

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Contains: Cereals/Gluten, Eggs, Milk, Soya

This cupcake is not suitable for gluten allergy sufferers, please see our Made Without products.

Cookies & Cream Cupcakes

Please note that all photos are representative, all our cupcakes are hand made, and therefore decorations and finish will vary.