Cake Days iPhone App



If you love baking, you’ll never know what you did before the Cake Days iPhone app came along! Discover how easy it is to bake indulgent Hummingbird Bakery treats at home with the official ‘Cake Days’ baking app for iPhones.

Any technologically equipped baker can choose from 85 beautifully laid-out recipes taken from the immensely popular Cake Days cookbook. Scroll through full colour photos of your favourite cupcakes, layer cakes, whoopie pies, cookies and more to make any day a cake day. Baking advice and demonstration videos are included to make this gorgeously presented cooking app as useful as it is beautiful.

With clap-to-turn pages to maintain a squeaky clean screen and a shopping list function where you can organise your must-have baking ingredients, the Cake Days App is like having The Hummingbird Bakery experts by your side as you bake. With this handy cookbook app you can access all your favourite Cake Days recipes at the touch of a button and decide on the go what you’ll be baking next. It’s traditional American-style home baking for the busy 21st century.
The Cake Days App is compatible with the iPhone and can also be used on the iPad or iPod touch. Visit the App Store for more details and help with technical support.