The making of our Tea Cake Cupcake Daily Special

We delve into our brand new Biscuit Tin range and find out how the Hummingbird Bakers fashion those adorable mini marshmallow tea cakes to go on top of our Tea Cake Cupcakes!

With the Diamond Jubilee getting the capital into a flurry of flags, bunting, baking and teapots, we can’t think of a better time to launch a very British cupcake collection.

It doesn’t get much more British than a proper cup of tea with a biscuit for dunking, so we looked at how we could adapt our American cupcakes to bring a little bit of biscuit bite into the mix.

We made a lot of crumbs, but we eventually perfected seven biscuit-themed cupcakes that made it to the final barrel – and so our Biscuit Tin Daily Specials came to be!

After many cups of tea and much deliberation, we finally settled on what we think is an irresistible line up:  

Monday – Custard Cream Cupcake

Tuesday – Gingernut Cupcake

Wednesday – Oaty Crunch Cupcake

Thursday – Jolly Jammer

Cupcake Friday – Tea Cake

Cupcake Saturday – Jaffa Cake

Cupcake Sunday – Chocolate Chip Cookie Cupcake   

Today is the first day of the new range being in the branches, so we thought we’d pay a visit to see the biscuity beauties coming fresh out the oven.

With our Tea Cake Cupcake needing it’s mini tea cake hat, we took a few snaps of our bakers decorating these special edition treats (from scratch of course!).  

Step One:

We bake individual mini biscuits to make the bases of our mini marshmallow tea cakes.

The Hummingbird Bakery Marshmallow Tea Cake

Step Two:

Equipped with a piping bag, we put a swirl of fluffy marshmallow in the middle of the biscuit base.

The Hummingbird Bakery Marshmallow Tea Cake Piping

Step Three:

Once this has had time to chill, we hand dip our mini marshmallow tea cakes to smother them in smooth melted chocolate.

The Hummingbird Bakery Marshmallow Tea Cake Chocolate

Step Four:

These are chilled again to allow the chocolate to set, before being popped on the top of our Tea Cake Cupcake after it has been freshly frosted. Here's our chocolate cupcake sponge with a sprinkle of biscuit crumbs before frosting...

The Hummingbird Bakery Marshmallow Tea Cake Sponge

Step Five:

Warm the pot, boil the kettle and choose your favourite mug – it’s definitely cupcake o’ clock!

The Hummingbird Bakery Marshmallow Tea Cake frosted

Get yours!

Treat yourself to the Biscuit Tin Daily Specials in store from 1st June – 31st July at any of our five London branches.

Remember, they’re Daily Specials so each flavour is only available on its dedicated day while stocks last. Why wait til it’s a Daily Special?

Pre-order a box of twelve of any flavour for your tea party in store or online, for collection or delivery any day of the week. Just visit for details.