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The making of our Key Lime Cupcake Daily Special

How do you take a classic vanilla cupcake and make it taste like the all-American Key Lime Pie? We followed The Hummingbird Bakers to find out just how they make our Key Lime Cupcakes so zingy…

Zesty, fresh and packed with citrus flavour, Key Lime Pie is a classic American dessert.

The original Key Lime Pie recipe comes from Florida and the name ‘Key lime’ is a particular variety of the fruit.

It’s a delicious combination of sharp and sweet; grab a spoon and dig in to mounds of freshly whipped cream and you’ll find a zingy lime filling and a crumbly biscuit base.

We love it so much we bake Key Lime Pie to order all year round! So when we decided to make a range of Daily Specials called ‘International Desserts’, we knew it was our duty to get creative with our cupcakes and feature the fabulous Key Lime Pie in our collection.

To see how our bakers work their magic, we dropped by the Soho bakery for a masterclass in the making of this special edition citrusy cupcake!

Step One:

We bake a layer of biscuit crumbs at the bottom of our cupcake cases so that when you bite through the light vanilla sponge, you discover a delicious biscuit base.

Once out of the oven, we let our little sponges cool off until we’re ready to give them their lime curd centres. Here comes the tricky bit, a palette knife is needed to cut a small piece of sponge to make room for the filling…

The Hummingbird Bakery Key Lime Cupcake Daily Special palette knife


The Hummingbird Bakery Key Lime Cupcake Daily Special middle

Step Two:

Every cupcake needs its lime middle. We carefully pipe homemade lime custard into the centre…

The Hummingbird Bakery Key Lime Cupcake lime curd

Step Three:

After replacing the top, a generous scoop of creamy whipped custard is carefully added by palette knife to the top of the cupcake as the frosting.

The Hummingbird Bakery Key Lime Cupcake frosting

Step Four:

Sprinkle a few biscuit crumbs, add freshly grated lime zest and the Key Lime Cupcake is complete!

The Hummingbird Bakery Key Lime Cupcake grated lime zest


The Hummingbird Bakery Key Lime Cupcake on a plate

A little taste of the American dream!  

Get yours!

Our Key Lime Cupcakes and all of our other flavours in the International Dessert Daily Specials range are available to order online by the batch for collection or delivery until 31st May, just follow the link:  

If you’re more in the mood for the original Key Lime Pie, we can help there too.

To order your freshly baked Key Lime Pie for collection or delivery, please visit our website: