Pact Coffee + Hummingbird Bakery

It comes as no surprise that coffee and cake are the best of friends. And our friends at Pact Coffee are sharing their super-fresh super-tasty filter coffee with Hummingbird customers in-store. Until 13th March, pop by and try a cup with our Classic Brownie for just £3.  

As we at The Hummingbird Bakery dreamed of bringing American baking to London, Pact Coffee just won’t rest until you’ve tasted their fresh speciality coffee.

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Ground and packed within 7 days of roasting, Pact trades directly with farmers to bring incredible coffee to people in the UK. Plus, their letterbox-friendly envelopes and next-day delivery service mean you'll get it quicker than you can say 'put the kettle on'.  

After our team tasted Pact’s amazing coffees and saw their roasting and grinding at work in their London HQ, we knew there was only one thing that could make them taste even better… our cake, of course.

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So until 13th March, pick up a Pact filter coffee made fresh on our counters and our Classic Brownie baked fresh in our kitchens for just £3.  

They say good things come in threes and that is true for our in-store filter coffees, as we will be brewing Planalto, Villa Juan and San Ignacio.  

Planalto is available at Richmond and Islington and tastes like malt chocolate shake. San Ignacio will be brewing at Soho and Notting Hill and Villa Juan will be perking everyone up at Spitalfields and South Kensington.  

In the mood for a hot coffee and cake date? For our six London bakery locations visit our website here.      


Filter Coffee FAQs  

What is filter coffee?

No longer a has-been, filter coffee is fully cool again thanks to its ability to brew an outstandingly tasty cup with a simple filtering process.

Hot water is poured slowly over the freshly ground coffee beans (and in Pact’s case, this is the freshest out there) and it is left to filter through a V60 filter cone or machine to the cup. Forget filtered coffee that has been sitting about, Pact filtered coffee waits for no one and arrives fresh, bright and singing with flavour.  


What does filter coffee taste like?

It is light and refreshing, yet it packs in loads of flavour from the beans. If you’re a fan of espresso you’ll love the brightness of flavour coming through, if you prefer your coffees milky then you will be surprised at how easy drinking and light this coffee is.  


Can I drink filter coffee with milk?

Yup. Filter coffee goes great with a splash of milk, or you can keep it dark and interesting by drinking it black. It’s down to personal preference.  


How do I brew filter coffee at home?

The easiest way is to use a V60 filter, which is a plastic or ceramic filter cone. A paper filter sits comfortably in the cone to hold the ground beans over the cup. Hot water is then filtered oh-so-slowly over the coffee grounds into the waiting cup below.  

Pact show you how to make cracking filter coffee at home in their blog which you can read here.  


Try Pact at home

To try the same great coffee we've got in-store at home, use our secret code DirectTrade to get your first bag of Pact Coffee for just £1 (usually £6.95).  

To find out more about Pact Coffee or to sign up to their coffee delivery service, visit their website here.