NEW Piñata Cakes


We got some stick for not making piñata cakes, so we thought we’d give it a whack. How did we do? (Peeps out from blindfold.)


Yes, we’ve had to cut out a bit of our precious cake, but we’ve filled it with chocolate M&M’s, so we hope you and your party guests won’t be too disappointed.


All our fabulous Piñata Cakes are freshly baked onsite from the finest ingredients and come made to our authentic American recipes.


Each one has layers of fluffy sponge and lightly whipped frosting and we’ve created a magical well at the centre to hold a cascade of colourful M&M’s.



Rainbow Piñata Cake

Always a bestseller, this bright Piñata Cake with multi-coloured rainbow layers and vanilla frosting looks simply magical with an M&M’s middle.


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Vanilla Piñata Cake

Slice into our light vanilla cake layers with vanilla frosting and you’ll find this unassuming sponge has a colourful secret inside…


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Chocolate Piñata Cake

The most irresistible chocolate layer cake with chocolate frosting and an M&M’s centre. Perfect for kids big and small of all ages.


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Party Rainbow Piñata Cake

London’s legendary Rainbow cake goes extra with a covering of rainbow sprinkles and an M&M’s hidden centre.


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We deliver for a flat rate of £6.50 to selected London postcodes or click and collect at one of our six London branches located in Soho, Spitalfields, Islington, Richmond, Notting Hill and South Kensington.


Bring on the party!