Halloween 2019


If our new selection of Halloween bakes don’t give you goosebumps and a distinctly eerie feeling, you might want to check you’re not already a ghost…


The living, dead and undead are all invited to join us at our bakeries this spooky season for some hauntingly delicious desserts made by our zombakers. Available in-stores and online now until 31st October 2019.



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Halloween Cupcake Selection Box (6 cupcakes)


Trick or treat your boo to some ghoulish new Halloween cupcakes from the Hummingbird zombakers including Red Velvet, chocolate and vanilla flavours. A million times tastier than brains, these freshly baked frights are bound to vanish as soon as they’re opened.

Also available in-stores now priced £3.45 to take away and £4.15 to eat in.


Vegan Halloween Cupcake Selection Box (6 cupcakes)


Think you won’t find vegan desserts this Halloween? You’re making a grave mistake if you miss out on these gruesome plant-based cupcakes in Red Velvet, chocolate and vanilla flavours. Baking your favourite cupcakes with completely vegan ingredients was no small undertaking, but we can confirm they are to die for. Vegans, it’s time to dig in!


Made Without Gluten Halloween Cupcake Selection Box (6 cupcakes)


Although we can’t promise our Made Without Gluten Halloween Cupcakes are free from eye of newt or toe of frog, we can say that they are made with gluten-free ingredients in cauldrons where we handle gluten. Perfect for witches and warlocks looking to avoid gluten, these creepy cupcakes come in Red Velvet, chocolate and vanilla flavours.


Please note we don’t certify our Made Without products as gluten-free.


Halloween Mini Cupcakes Selection Box (12 mini cupcakes)


They say evil things come in cute miniature cupcake cases… In this case, the devil is certainly in the detail with our hand-decorated Halloween Mini Cupcakes. Be warned: it’s absolute hell trying to ignore this wickedly tempting box of indulgent mini cupcake sponges. In Red Velvet, chocolate and vanilla flavours.


Pumpkin Whoopie Pie

£3.55 to take away and £4.25 to eat in

We get whoops, cheers, blood-curdling screams and bone-chilling howls at the moon every time we bring these Pumpkin Whoopie Pies back for Halloween. Filled with ghostly Marshmallow Fluff and cream cheese frosting, these spiced pumpkin cake-wiches are the ideal seasonal treat for any cake witches out there. Just remember to leave broom for dessert. 


Suitable for vegetarian vampires too!


Pumpkin Cheesecake (9” cheesecake)


There’s a killer cheesecake recipe on the loose. We fired up the ovens one notch hotter than hell itself and made this creamy, irresistibly spiced Pumpkin Cheesecake baked slowly to our authentic American recipe. We’re not being dramatic, but horror movies have been inspired by the last slice of this cheesecake being taken from the fridge.


Pumpkin Pie (9” pie)


If pumpkin carving puts a smile on your face, you’ll love carving up a slice of this golden Pumpkin Pie for dessert. Wickedly tempting spiced pumpkin filling made to our authentic American recipe, baked to perfection in a light pastry pie crust. Pop in the oven at home and serve warm with a spoonful of whipped cream and a dusting of cinnamon by the light of a jack-o’-lantern.


Mini Pumpkin Pie


A mini version of our whole Pumpkin Pie. Individual golden spiced pumpkin-filled pastry pie crusts made for one. Available around Halloween and Thanksgiving in-store only.


NEW Halloween Piñata Cake

(6” and 8” cakes) from £44.95

 Every haunted house holds a secret and this Halloween Piñata Cake has something shocking hidden within… We tried to get hold of earthworms and cast an evil spell on all who disturbed this vanilla and chocolate layered sponge cake smothered in vanilla frosting, but all we could find were candy M&M’s. Sweet-toothed vampires should order this bat-topped piñata cake soon, as this limited edition design is far from immortal. Once it’s gone, bat’s all folks!


Halloween Chocolate Cake

(6” and 8” cakes) from £37.45

Don’t let sprinkles and chocolate frosting fool you into thinking this cake is anything but deliciously dark and sinister on the inside. Rich chocolate cake with a spooky vampire bat design is enough to make all your Halloween party guests turn and run for the hills, but it’s a dessert probably best enjoyed alone in the attic anyway. Best stored away from direct sunlight.


Halloween Unicorn Rainbow Cake

(8” cake) £64.45

Lock your doors and windows. There has been a zombie uprising and not even magical creatures are safe. This Halloween Unicorn Rainbow Cake may look sweet and innocent, but she has suffered a zombie bite and swapped her usual bale of rainbow hay for children’s brains… Thankfully, taking a slice of their vanilla rainbow sponge with a sharp knife can render these zombicorns harmless.


Halloween Red Velvet Cake

(6” and 8” cakes) from £34.95

Oh the blood red horror! Stake out a comfy spot on the sofa, cloak yourself in a cosy blanket and settle in for the afterlife with a piece of our legendary Red Velvet. Only the most unsuspecting victims have been harmed in the making of this blood red sponge. Perfect served stone cold with a cup of tea or coffin.


Halloween Vanilla Cake

(6” and 8” cakes) from £34.95

Be the ghostess with the mostest and bring bone-chilling terror to the table at dessert time. Each slice of our orange-coloured Vanilla Halloween Cake gives us the heebie-jeebies. So we added extra heebie and used the finest quality jeebie to make this Halloween cake with spine-chilling chocolate frosting our spookiest ever. Watch every last slice disappear like a phantom.

 Happy Halloween! x