Baking in Advance FAQs

Unfortunately we can’t answer individual queries via the blog. Baking has many variables and it takes practice.

Even at our bakeries, it doesn’t always go perfectly, so don’t feel disheartened if it doesn’t work first time.

Making the perfect cake or cupcake is both a science and a skill – it’s not easy being this tasty.

Baking in Bulk


Can I make frosting in advance?

We recommend making cream cheese frosting on the day it is needed, but other buttercream frostings will last a few days.

If you wish to make buttercream frosting in advance it can be made a day or two earlier (at most) and kept covered in the fridge.

Allow the frosting to reach room temperature for about an hour or two before use and quickly plump it up with your mixer for a few seconds. A spoonful of icing sugar or a few extra drops of milk might help to thicken up or loosen the frosting if required.



I’m baking for an event and want to freeze my sponges. Do you have any tips?

We recommend baking a test batch and separating it into two lots.

Test half the batch fresh to sample the cakes at their best and freeze the other half. Defrost your frozen batch and prepare the frostings and toppings fresh.

Allow the sponges to come up to room temperature before frosting or continuing with the last stages of the recipe. This way, you can be confident that your recipe will freeze well before committing to making a large batch

My cakes are ready to defrost. How do I thaw my cakes out?

Allow a few hours for the sponges to come up to room temperature before frosting for best taste. Don’t be tempted to speed up the process by heating your sponges or this may alter the texture.

How can I prepare my sponges for freezing?

Before freezing, it is important to allow sponges to cool completely so that they release any steam which can create excess moisture when frozen and turn cakes soggy.

To protect cakes from freezer burn, wrap sponge layers well in cling film or foil and carefully place cupcake sponges into a polythene bag.

Can I bake in advance and freeze my baking?

At The Hummingbird Bakery we bake fresh each day and we think cakes taste best this way. We haven’t tested our recipes for lasting power or for their ability to freeze, but many home bakers have reported great results having frozen or stored cakes in advance.

Cupcake and layer cake sponges should ideally be baked fresh on the day, but if you make them the day or evening before they can be stored in an airtight container at room temperature. If you leave them much longer than that, they tend to dry out and go stale.

Loaf cakes, brownies and cookies will last a few days in an airtight container without drying out.

Pastry and pre-rolled pie crusts should freeze well, but we don’t recommend freezing any fillings. Some bakers have been able to freeze buttercream frostings no problem, but cream cheese frosting doesn’t keep so well.


Baking in Bulk

Can I bake your recipes in bulk quantities?

We can only say with certainty that the quantities we recommend will work up to double the amount.

However, if you wish to bake in big batches an experienced baker should not have too much difficulty with their timings and quantities.